Josh Lu is a product designer exploring the intersections of design, technology, and data. A senior studying Computational Neuroscience and Communication Design at the University of Southern California.

An avid doodler, photographer, and proud parent of fifteen plants (and counting). Prev @ Visa & Codex Health. Currently @Fuse.
To me, design...
inspires and empowers.
Whether through representative and inclusive design practices, or simply considering the greater impact of the products we use every day, we can more aptly posture ourselves towards a more equitable future.
rethinks and reimagines.
Bad design is painstakingly noticeable and presents unnecessary stress and strain.  By empathizing and better understanding ourselves, we can create solutions that actually address our needs.
connects and resonates.
At it's core, design is a very human thing. We fall in love with beautifully created, easily accessible design, which seemingly integrate into our daily lives.
So, let's get coffee?
Besides simply feeding into my caffeine addiction, I'd love to meet you and chat about anything from design to data to doodling everything but the kitchen sink.