Codex Health
The Rundown
Codex seeks to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care through leveraging insights in health data and remote patient monitoring (RPM). I designed and shipped major key features of the product, from patient care plan builders to onboarding flows to patient-facing interfaces to user tutorials.
Product Designer
Internship Duration:
May - August 2021
Care Composer Duration:
3 weeks (July)
Product Design
UX Research
UX Design
UI Design
The Need
How might we expedite the creation of individual Care Plans while still keeping scalability with generalization in mind?
Oh geez, this is some top secret stuff!
Feel free to reach out if you'd like to learn more about my work @ Codex Health.
Key Learnings
Build minimally lovable products, then argue-in additional features.
It's ok to dream big and (maybe) arrive at an ideal solution that both functions well and is delightful to use. However, aligning with roadmap and product cycle priorities is essential to both shipping designs for validation and aiding in the iterative process. Thus, focusing on nailing down core experiences allows for greater freedom in later cycles to explore periphery features.
Communication and documentation is key.
Keep in mind engineering concerns and design from pre-existing assets or design systems to maintain product visual consistency and make engineers' lives a whole lot better. But still learn to stand firm in necessary design decisions that would drastically improve usability, even if it might take a bit more time to implement.
Design to change the way people work (hopefully for the better).
Much of the healthcare industry and the fashion in which care is administered is poorly designed and outdated. Although specificity is important in the individual care of patients with acute conditions, learning to generalize through bulk actions with options for customization can greatly reduce redundant actions and allow care providers to focus on what truly matters -- their patients.
None of this would have been possible without the continual support and empowerment from my mentor figures Murari Srinivasan and Charlie Bitton. Thank you for entertaining and giving voice to my ideas, and truly giving me creative freedom to explore and learn across multiple teams.